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Posted By: Max Paransky
Posted On: Thursday June 6, 2019 at 4:04 PM
Corrections and further detail
Hey, I was only ~60 miles away, luckily it was to the south where radiation spread much less. And I stayed around for 4 years after the disaster...

I checked out the HBO show sporadically. The car/truck content is period correct. However, I get distracted with all the British accents and occasional errors/misspellings.

As for Harvey's pics:
The top one is a KamAZ-4310 6x6 truck. Those were mainly for military, but some were used for city/utility purposes. The label on the door points to a fire department in the city of Kazan where the models were made at the "Elecon" plant.

The 2nd pic is RAF-2203 Latvia minivan in fire department livery. The RAF here refers to Riga, Latvia auto factory - and not the British air force.

The 3rd pic is the aforementioned DZ-117 bulldozer. The models were made as a side business by the same plant as the real machinery.

The last pic is a tanker truck based on extended ZIL-130 chassis. This is the only model of the 4 that is a conversion. Looks like it's from early 90's, when these types of handmade conversions were popular before the boom of more advanced resin or copper models hit.

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