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Posted By: John Roberts
Posted On: Friday June 7, 2019 at 3:14 PM
Ah Yes...that's my favorite Jani. Have some Norev versions

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Message thread:

ISUZU BELLEL 2000 by carl parrish #25942
Nice model of Isuzu's first car Carl. Their first model... by John Roberts #25942.1
You might find some here: by John Quilter #25942.2
Basic shape has an interesting resemblance to the old Peugeot 404 ... by Graeme Ogg #25942.3
I'd say the copying of American cars went a bit farther back than that (pics). by Harvey Goranson #25942.3.1
More Airflow copycat cars modeled in 1/43rd by John Kuliak #25942.3.1.1
Interesting how the Airflow and those inspired by it all failed.... by John Roberts #25942.
American toy manufacturers loved the Airflow! (pic) Much better by David Holcombe #25942.
Rubber Airflow by John Kuliak #25942.
Good find, John! In Dave Leopard's RUBBER TOY VEHICLES, he has by David Holcombe #25942.
Really enjoy your photos of the "old stuff", David! by John Kuliak #25942.
And don't forget the Peugeout 402 of 1935-42. (EOM) by Jani Bodmann #25942.
Ah Yes...that's my favorite Jani. Have some Norev versions (EOM) by John Roberts #25942.
Peugeot really mastered and improved upon by John Kuliak #25942.
Attention Autocult! Bendix SWC... by John Kuliak #25942.
The Bendix SWC would be most welcome in 1/43. (EOM) by David Crowe #25942.
and the Austin A55 MKII/A60 & Morris Oxford Series V/VI were…. by Chris Sweetman #25942.3.2
and the MG Mk. IV Magnette of course! by Harvey Goranson #25942.3.2.1
PICS Of course Harv and the real Cambridge compared with the ….. by Chris Sweetman #25942.
PIC…. an oldie toy made in Japan at the time of the real thing …. by Chris Sweetman #25942.4
I like it! It speaks of the car's styling appeal, of the state of technical by David Holcombe #25942.4.1
You are welcome David. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #25942.4.1.1
aka Model Pet. I have four Model Pets in my collection (pic). by Harvey Goranson #25942.4.2
A neat and interesting collection Harv. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #25942.4.2.1

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