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Posted By: John Rafert
Posted On: Wednesday August 7, 2019 at 8:59 AM
New from EMC
I know some of you buy the occasional EMC masterpiece. I do and am thankful they put out product like Matrix. Anyway, I’ve been looking at this Maybach on the “future” products page for years. You may recognize it from the Nethercutt Collection. I was thrilled to see it was finally done and available through a seller in the Ukraine. It became his project, apparently. So, I emailed him and got this answer:

“Thank you for your inquiry.

This model is exclusive and is made with a great detailing, seriously differs from the previous level.
As for today we have a pre-order for 10 models, the price of 5000 USD per unit.
Shipping is free to any location.
It is made only for end users - collectors, real connoisseur. No intermediary sales.”

Of course the 5000 USD is a typo. It must be $500.00. Expensive but EMC models are so perfect so a stretch. I was wrong. The guy actually wants five grand for 1 of 60! If this is the newest pricing for EMC, I think it will kill them.

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Message thread:

New from EMC by John Rafert #26218
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