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Posted By: David Knight
Posted On: Monday September 2, 2019 at 5:43 PM
Pics: What it sometimes takes to get pictures of our little cars:
When we travel I usually take one or sometimes two of my little cars. (Doesn’t everybody?) For Labor Day was a visit with friends who live on the water at Indian Creek in Kilmarnock, Virginia. From their porch there is a beautiful view of the Bay. Sitting there on the porch I thought, “Ha! What a great chance to get some pictures!” Our friend Tom went out with me to the water’s edge. Little did I know that while I lay on the ground to position myself to get some shots of my new Range Rover, Tom took my picture showing the contortions one must sometimes get into to get the pictures we want. The tough part was getting up after the photo shoot was completed. Assistance was needed.

The view from the porch

Positioned for the photo shoot
Fire pit served as the parking area at the water’s edge providing the view of the Bay.

Land Rover Range Rover parked at the water’s edge

Hoisting the photographer to a standing position after the photo shoot. (Picture not available)

Fun in the sun as the summer season comes to an end. Range Rover will make one more trip to the beach house on Martha’s Vineyard in October.

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