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Posted By: Roger Kimber
Posted On: Thursday September 5, 2019 at 6:58 AM
Buying older white metal models.
Thoughts please, Gentlemen!

I have an interest in buying certain older models, but only if they're mint and boxed. I've been musing for a while on the subject of the glued in accessories such as mirrors, aerials, etc. sometimes added by previous owners, but where the models are still described as mint.

Strictly speaking, in my opinion, they're not because they're not as they left the factory. I worry about such details maybe becoming damaged/dislodged/lost in the post. Was the right glue used perhaps? If the seller was a third party, how would you know?

Am I being too fussy? What do you think?

I should add I've never permanently added these details to any of my models, even though they may be on display. Knowing I have them is sufficient!

Thank you,


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