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Posted By: Al Stack
Posted On: Sunday September 8, 2019 at 1:47 AM
Dick Browne's collection
This is a surprise to some extent as I recently asked Dick about his attempts to sell some of his collection to mutual acquaintances. He did not reply beyond saying that the counter offers he received were somewhat ludicrous.

This also puzzled me as I recall that some years ago, Dick had stated that he had made arrangements with a museum (I don't recall which one now) to accept and display his collection when he passed. I think it was in Indiana. That may have changed for whatever reason. Perhaps the museum closed as have many recently.

This is a difficult situation for all collectors. I remember when Dick Truscott died and his collection eventually was sold to JM Models in England. (Martin's) Roger Cairns knows more of that experience than I, although it too met with some frustrations regarding market values as I recall.

It will be interesting to see what transpires, especially when some of Dick's rarer pieces are offered. That is if they are ever shown on the ebay format. That will no doubt depend upon "oldtoys" and the Brownes.

I have struggled with my collection as Dick and I are of the same age. He no doubt had more to worry about with the size of his collection, but I feel that what will be will be. I won't have to worry being in "a better place". Lol

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Message thread:

Dick Browne's collection by John Kuvakas #26351Zone Diplomat
If I recall correctly, the retailer might be oldtoystoreusa.com by Harvey Goranson #26351.1
Just jumped from 8 to 11 BRKs. Is this Dick's collection already? by Harvey Goranson #26351.1.1
I think that's them. The only name I have for the seller is "Gary." (EOM) by John Kuvakas #26351.1.1.1Zone Diplomat
Yep, Gary is the man. Those are his listings. (EOM) by Randall Olson #26351.
I've got bids on three of them. (EOM) by Robert Bolin #26351.1.1.2
leave off the .com to find it easier! I think many of us would want a memento from his collection. (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #26351.1.2
Just bought the Henry J by John Kuliak #26351.1.2.1
Thanks for the heads up. I just bought the Blue 1950 Packard. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #26351.1.3
I hope I didn't steer you wrong Mark - hard to tell shades of blue on the internet. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #26351.1.3.1
I think it's the one I want. The box is labeled Packard Blue Metallic. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #26351.
I just heard from the seller. It is, indeed, Dick's collection. He's offering... by John Kuvakas #26351.2Zone Diplomat
Dick Browne's collection by Al Stack #26351.3
It's a dilemma we all face. by John Kuvakas #26351.3.1Zone Diplomat
I would like to have one of his models, so I am bidding on the by BenD Lampson #26351.4
I've got bids in on two of the Buicks and the trailer. (EOM) by Robert Bolin #26351.5

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