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Posted By: Gianluigi Cappi
Posted On: Monday September 9, 2019 at 1:59 AM
From my Brooklin Collectors Guide (pic).
The 1998 W.M.T.C. is a very special model because it comes with an open hood and engine detail. Engine option is the big straight 6 as detailed in the 1952 catalogue and the model is supplied with a separate hood which fits the model in the open position. Color is French grey with a pale blue grey interior, pale blue steering wheel and dark blue tonneau. Furthermore, this special casting is unique to this model run and does not appear later as a standard. This model was limited to just 250 pieces and presented in a special box.

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Message thread:

Brooklin Hudson with opening hood?? Can anyone confirm by Ken Spear #26356
Yes it is a club special done by Brooklin. I think it was the Wessex Club??? (EOM) by Jack Dodds #26356.1
John Roberts made those. There is some engine detail beneath the hood. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #26356.1.1
And there was the Franklin Mint coupe with opening features by John Quilter #26356.2
From my Brooklin Collectors Guide (pic). by Gianluigi Cappi #26356.3
Why is it all the older Brooklyn's seem to need a Bare Metal Foil treatment? (EOM) by Robert Bolin #26356.4
Because that's how they were made I guess. Brooklin Models were all like this 30 years ago. (EOM) by John Roberts #26356.4.1
Brooklin's were considered by some to be a blank canvas. by John Kuvakas #26356.4.2
Yes, we had this one made for the Wessex Club... by John Roberts #26356.5
I bought one of these on a BRK trip to the UK, but sadly it was stolen. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #26356.5.1

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