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Posted By: Raymond Paszkiewicz
Posted On: Wednesday October 2, 2019 at 9:57 PM
Golden Jubilee 1946 Hudson Super Six Convertible

Sometime back in the 1990's, I found out about the existence of the 1946 Golden Jubilee Hudson Super Six Convertible. The car was restored and in Utah. I have the owner's name someplace, but for now it is not of great importance to this story. I wrote to him, with the idea to make a model of his car. He was very receptive. He was willing to send me a large piece of steel painted the color of the car, to help me. As mentioned, George Green from Lambertville, N.J. not far from me, (I met him a couple of times) had a repair shop across the street from his house. He ran everything off of his own generated electricity, including his house. There was a contest, associated with the 100th Golden Jubilee of the city of Detroit. The person who drove the oldest car, the farthest distance to Detroit would win the 1946 Hudson. George did it in his 1904 curved dash Oldsmobile, with his wife riding along. Can you imagine that trip. Years later while storing a curved dash Olds motor in the trunk of the Hudson in his shop, it caught on fire (I don't know how). The Hudson was burned, but not to a crisp. The gentleman in Utah, bought it and restored it.
With the idea, I got together with Richard Briggs of Minimarque 43, in England, and since he had made a model of a Hudson, we made either 50 or 100 models of this car, with the correct details and color. I don't have the box handy, so I'm not sure how we marketed them. Possibly under my company name of Lilliput Motor Car.
The model is a 1946 Hudson Super Six, but with some Commodore features, to dress it up. Enclosed are pictures of the car. Quite rare now.
Still having trouble with pictures!!

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