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Posted By: Michel Lemieux
Posted On: Monday October 28, 2019 at 12:21 PM
On my Airstream in pure metal finish, I noticed that around a window the finish
is slightly rubbed compared with the rest of the model. Depending on the brightness exposed on the model i can see better although that does not bother me. Hope that the pure metal finish exposed at the free air doesn't do the same think than with the argentery but i would be surprised. I agree with the color but I bought the Airstream because as says, this one is much detailed than the original in silver and also i prefer with the black tyres and the reservors are the same color than the model. I don't think than i would buy cars in pure metal but if a trailer, the Bambi Airstream or the 1955 American Speedboat is done also in pure metal finish i will think of it. It is good to have comments of some who assisted in person at the show. Thanks everyone.

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Message thread:

How do you found the look of the BRK models finished in pure metal finish? by Michel Lemieux #26595
(Pic) You can see the Yacht and the Airstream Wanderer on this photo taken by Kelly. by Michel Lemieux #26595.1
and a shot of the boat -link by Karl Schnelle #26595.1.1
Merci Karl. For fans of Maserati, the sets of the steering wheels are a must. (EOM) by Michel Lemieux #26595.1.1.1
In hand, they show of the intricate detail of the models in a unique way. by John Kuvakas #26595.2
I was fortunate enough to buy the Air Stream during the show. by Bob Jackman #26595.2.1
On the Airstream, yes, it reminds me of the bare metal ((aluminum alloy) campers of the 1960s. But by Karl Schnelle #26595.3
To tell the truth, an Airstream covered in bare metal foil would look the most authentic. by Harvey Goranson #26595.4
I agree Harvey. But, I don't think Brooklin is going for authenticity in these. by John Kuvakas #26595.4.1
On my Airstream in pure metal finish, I noticed that around a window the finish by Michel Lemieux #26595.4.1.1

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