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Posted By: Keko Romero
Posted On: Sunday November 3, 2019 at 1:54 PM
Superb!!! Love it!!!

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Message thread:

French Garage by Claude Thibivilliers #26637
Very Nice, thanks for posting (EOM) by Jacques Roest #26637.1
Fantastic! (EOM) by Gregory Gunn #26637.2
Claude, brilliant! I like the rooftop parking to get more models displayed. (EOM) by Randall Olson #26637.3
That was a great idea and beautifully done This is an incredible display ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #26637.3.1
I fully agree! (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #26637.3.1.1
Very well done! Nice to see the "imported" '56 T-Bird and '57 Ranchero there too. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #26637.4
Superb!!! Love it!!! (EOM) by Keko Romero #26637.5
Excellent display! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #26637.6
Really special! Thanks for sharing the fine pictures. (EOM) by David Holcombe #26637.7
Nice indeed. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #26637.7.1
Very very nice Claude ! (EOM) by Jean Philippe Sergent #26637.8
Claude, excellent! Maybe the owner of that garage drives an imported Cadillac, yes? (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #26637.9
Director's car by Claude Thibivilliers #26637.9.1
An amazing diorama building. So many possibilities. Brilliant work. (EOM) by John Merritt #26637.10

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