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Posted By: Randall Olson
Posted On: Thursday November 7, 2019 at 2:50 PM
PICS - Citroen Fans!
Further to the thread that I started below...Wow, I was really taken aback by the sheer number of comments, photos, stories and general reminiscing about these wonderful automobiles. That was a great discussion.

Thanks also for your comments about the Citroen Dealer Diorama. I have had fun building, stocking and photographing this diorama. But I have fifteen others, so now, its time for a new home, perhaps a Christmas gift to oneself.

I will be offering this bookshelf friendly showroom/garage and all 5 Citroen models on this site’s auction pages.

For anyone who may be interested, I shall “nerd out” with some vital statistics:

The showroom/garage is constructed of MDF fibreboard with a plastic front cast from an old O scale building. There is some polystyrene brickwork on the sides and a plain fibreboard back wall. Awnings are computer-printed card stock over polystyrene. The Dube sign is computer-printed on photo paper over balsa wood.

The back wall of the showroom and parts area have computer images that I specially selected to reflect an authentic late 50’s-early 60’s Citroen agency. You will note from photos that this is clearly hand built with some unintentional weathering and is not some mass-produced, perfect effort.

The cars and one truck are all made by Atlas/Altaya and will come in their original packaging. The 1963 Break (station wagon) is pretty neat and comes with a veterinarian and dog figure and an imitation mud surface on its display base. The Type H Meat sellers van has a butcher figure. The white/red DS sedan is 1963, the 2CV and other DS 19 are 1957. These are really neat models.

The building has a 14 x 3.5 inch footprint. It has room for two vehicles inside (see photo). There is room to park all five cars/truck in front provided you have a 7.5 - 8 inch wide shelf.

The diorama will be posted shortly on the auction pages.

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