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Posted By: Curtis Parisi
Posted On: Friday November 8, 2019 at 11:52 AM
I finally modeled my high school car, a '48 Mercury wagon.
Learned how to work on cars with the 1:1. It was half a mess when I bought it. By my senior year in '68 I had it looking pretty good. The model is painted '67 Mercury Cougar Inverness Green with '46 trim on the hood, chrome reverse wheels, baby moon hubcaps, duel exhaust exiting just behind the rear wheels and license plates that match as my original car. Lots of time in the high school auto shop getting it ready for the weekends. Later in 1970 I restored it back to original including a repaint to original Glade Green. Many good memories, just had to make the model. Anyone also have a model of their high school car or first car?

As purchased in 1966


Camera didn't pick up the color well. Model color does match the 1:1

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Message thread:

I finally modeled my high school car, a '48 Mercury wagon. by Curtis Parisi #26673
1985 Honda CRX Si by John Kuliak #26673.1
I made a model of my 2nd car. by Harvey Goranson #26673.2
Beautiful work, Harvey. I really like your taillight modification. (EOM) by David Holcombe #26673.2.1
Nice model. I dove MGB's from '71 to '81. The first of the two replaced my woodie along by Curtis Parisi #26673.2.3
Wow, that wood structure detailing looks so real, Curtis. Brilliant. (EOM) by Scott Brown #26673.3
OK the real question is: do you still have and drive it? Here's mine by John Quilter #26673.4
No, long gone but I know where it is and it is now a street rod. not to my liking. I remember by Curtis Parisi #26673.4.1
Coincidentally, my Austin was purchased from Peninsula British Cars by John Quilter #26673.4.1.1

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