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Posted By: John Kuliak
Posted On: Tuesday November 19, 2019 at 6:16 PM
Mercury Bobcat
I basically developed my "driving skills" as a youth running up the miles in the Mercury Division's so-called "upscale" version of the Pinto, the long-forgotten Bobcat.

If you've never seen one, picture a miniature upright Lincoln grille plastered onto the nose of a Pinto.

If there were any additional "luxury" features due to it being a Mercury, they certainly escaped my notice.

As the unwanted FoMoCo stepchild, Bobcats were mostly seen on rental car lots.

When I got my first credit card as a teenager, I took Budget Rent-A-Car up on their $13.95 per day unlimited miles Weekend Special pretty much every weekend, and pretty much lived in their car all weekend long.

I got more than my moneysworth in mileage, with youthful adventures such as impromptu round trips from Chicago to Toronto. Some weekends the Budget Bobcats were returned with 1500 fresh miles on the odometer!

If anyone ever makes a model of the forgotten Mercury Bobcat, I will be shocked. (I will also buy one.)

As fun as the Bobcats were, I was happy when Budget swopped them out for Camaros. The ladies were MUCH more impressed with those!



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