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Posted By: Harvey Goranson
Posted On: Friday November 22, 2019 at 3:55 PM
I saw Ford vs. Ferrari last night. Good movie, but perhaps another title would be:
Carroll and Ken vs. Ford and Ferrari. I know, like almost all Hollywood-ized histories, there will be condensed timelines, composite characters, misplaced actions, etc. And I know the thrust of the movie was the relationship between Shelby and Miles. But I have some quibbles.

Without consulting Wiki (well, much anyway) and my copy of "Ford: the Dust and the Glory", here they are:

1. When Henry II and his gang visit Enzo (in 1963, though the movie doesn't make that quite clear), they walk through the competition department where P3 or P4s are sitting there (I can never tell these apart). Anyway, the P3 appeared in 1966 and the P4 in '67. Not a 250P, 275P, or even prototype 250LM in sight.
2. No mention of Miles winning Daytona in 1965. You'd think this win would have cemented trust in his abilities with the brass at Ford. Also no mention of his '66 Sebring win.
3. Shelby and his guys should have been jubilant over the No. 2 car winning - after all it was a Shelby Team car too. Also, I don't recall many mentions of other team drivers, not even Miles's co-driver Denny Hulme.
4. When Miles took his last lap ever, it was in the Ford GT J-car, but what was presented on-screen wasn't the "breadvan" body that car had. It looked like they just cobbled some bits on a GT Mk. II. Also, when the red No. 1 car shows up at the end of the movie it isn't quite the shape of the Mark IV, but I guess no one makes replicas of those to use. At least when we got a first view of the GT Mk.1, it looked a lot like the '64 press intro car.

My quibbles aside, I enjoyed the film. Something I picked up on was the car being used by Miles Jr. on his cardboard track - a Matchbox MGA, which makes sense given the repair shop Miles had. Here's mine:

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Message thread:

I saw Ford vs. Ferrari last night. Good movie, but perhaps another title would be: by Harvey Goranson #26776
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Took the wife kicking and screaming to see the flick. She walked away loving it. The story was by Tom Ciryak #26776.1.2

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