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Posted By: Robert Jacobs
Posted On: Friday November 22, 2019 at 8:15 PM
I'd like a 1:43 too....
...and one of the few that I'd prefer to the actual 1:1.

Call me old school, but 'twas a time when a Rolls was a Rolls and not an overpriced BMW styled by those with no understanding or appreciation for the marque or it's customers. Like the unlamented "New Beetle", I think the Wraith looks garish and cheap and an attempt not to define the marque but a lack of creativity evidenced by youngsters in charge of styling sourcing their "inspiration" not from talent or actual ability, but old photos from the company historical archives and pulling a few styling cues from a truly great car, the mid '50's Continental.

See also: The volks across the strasse at Bentley with the silly round headlights.

Sorry, I'm showing my cynicism. Status isn't defined by an absurdly high price and a fat wallet and even larger ego required to make the purchase.

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