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Posted By: Chris Sweetman
Posted On: Saturday November 23, 2019 at 7:22 AM

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Message thread:

(PICS) Four more 'High-End' truck models that I forgot to include previously by Clifford Read #26767
Fantastic pictures of very detailed trucks (EOM) by Jacques Roest #26767.1
Agree. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #26767.1.1
Cliff....... Do you display all your collection? or only a few of them I know by Tom Ciryak #26767.2
Tom, Yes, but it's getting harder to manoeuvre around in my two toy rooms..... by Clifford Read #26767.2.1
Cliff, thanks for these great pictures. I can't tell you how envious by Bob Jackman #26767.2.1.1
Thanks for the inside view. Totally awesome. Some day you and your brother should make the trek by Tom Ciryak #26767.2.1.2
I really like the Kenworth. It's like jewelry. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #26767.3
You're 100% right Richard. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #26767.3.1
(PIC) If you want to see some “high-end” museum-grade replicas… by Lloyd Mecca #26767.4
LLoyd, All of Fire Replicas models are outstanding and they also have begun...... by Clifford Read #26767.4.1
I went to the website - the Jack Daniels rig is calling my name! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #26767.4.1.1
Agree Clifford those TWH/Sword models are unbelievable and even …. by Chris Sweetman #26767.4.1.2
Wonder if they ever do a Scammell in their Vintage Trucking range. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #26767.4.2
I remember the FTF with their 2-stroke Detroit Diesel-engines. (pic) by Joop Gisbers #26767.5
Joop, that cab looks familiar - built in Britain by Motor Panels? (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #26767.5.1
BTW Motor Panels built the body for the ‘Bluebird’ Land Speed record car. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #26767.5.1.1
yes, Chris, I believe it was one could call a joint-venture by Joop Gisbers #26767.5.1.2
Joop, not unusual in the world of heavy commercial vehicles to have by Chris Sweetman #26767.

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