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Posted By: Jean Philippe Sergent
Posted On: Sunday November 24, 2019 at 11:04 AM
Hi Michel, regarding differences between them, here's a pic to help ;)
Mainly, the differences are aesthetic, so let's talk about the ones that are really visible and easily recognizable.

1-An horizontal chromed moulding is running in the middle of the entire body on Devilles and Series 75 limousines, not on Eldorado and Fleetwood 60 Special.
2-The Deville coupe have a hard top roof. No hard top version on Eldorado in 1964, just convertibles Eldorado. Only one custom prototype 1964 Eldorado with a hard top has been created, ( called Eldorado Custom Florentine ) and a few with a removable hard top ( called Eldorado Esquire) , but never mass produced.
3- Windshield frame is different, rounder on the top for Eldorado and Deville Convertible. More square for Coupe Deville. Higher and panoramique for limousines.
4-Unique Eldorado rear arch wheel treatment. Open skirt, to echo 1955 and 1956 Eldorados.
5-Crest and coat of arm emblem on fender sides, instead of Coupe deVille scripts. Same Crests emblems on hood and trunk on the Eldorado versus Vs emblems on Deville series. The limousine series 75 is also having crest and coat of arm emblems on hood and trunk.
6-A very thin chromed trim surrounding the rear bumper only on Eldorados and Fleetwood 60 specials.
7-and 8- Specific lower body trims and mouldings on Eldorados.( and Fleetwood 60 S )
9-Eldorado script on fender side
10-Specific front arch wheel moulding treatment for Eldorado( and Fleetwood 60S again )

I could have talk also about the interior. The Eldorado is having a specific treatment with wood panels on doors and on dash board glove compartment. Specific leather seats and optional middle console. Optional wire wheels as well.

The rear bumper on 1964 Eldorado is also different from the Deville series. There are 2 grilles on both sides of the licence plate, a detail shared on Fleetwood models, such as the 60 Special and the limousine Series 75.

Hope this pic will be helping. ;)

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