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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Tuesday November 26, 2019 at 5:49 PM
Oh boy! In our scale of 1:43, the detailing of this young lady is outstanding! I
can't even imagine the steadiness necessary to complete the toenails, and the skin blush at the cheeks is amazing. BenD, if this is your work, you are to be envied. If it's not, spread the word of the producer. Many, many thanks for this photograph.

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Message thread:

Some (ok, many) pics from my collection...............................................(pics) by BenD Lampson #26808
Nice pics, Ben. One thing you an do for your backgrounds... by John Kuvakas #26808.1
Thanks for the tip John....now if I can just remember where I put those boxes..... by BenD Lampson #26808.1.1
Something tells me you'll be able to find one. ;) (EOM) by John Kuvakas #26808.1.1.1
That looks very familiar to me. ;-) (EOM) by Ralf Buyer #26808.1.1.2
Folks, you need to check out his pix in the 'Features' section. BenD did you build the cabinets? (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #26808.2
Here's the link by John Kuvakas #26808.2.1
I think those are Tom C's displays. (EOM) by BenD Lampson #26808.2.1.1
Oops! Where are yours, BenD? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #26808.
I don't know if I ever posted my displays in the Features section, but here are some of mine (pics) by BenD Lampson #26808.
Thank you for this post, BenD. I enjoyed seeing some old friends and making by David Holcombe #26808.3
David, here is a model you will enjoy (and anyone else that likes figures with cars) (pics) by BenD Lampson #26808.3.1
Great fun! And those figures are special, too. (pic) Enjoy! by David Holcombe #26808.3.1.1
Thanks David....and here is a pic of my girlfriend having a few too many at a local car cruise... by BenD Lampson #26808.
Oh boy! In our scale of 1:43, the detailing of this young lady is outstanding! I by David Holcombe #26808.
She is still fine, but she is 1/24th. (EOM) by BenD Lampson #26808.
Nice collection! Quite a range of years and categories.. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #26808.4
I like all you show. Congratulations!! (EOM) by Keko Romero #26808.5
Ben, that's a formidable collection and thanks for showing it. And by Don Anderson #26808.6
YW...its my pleasure...the camera is just a T-mobile LG ipad....I am quite pleased with it! (EOM) by BenD Lampson #26808.6.1

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