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Posted By: Bob Davis
Posted On: Wednesday November 27, 2019 at 8:16 AM
What era ?
What era are these from ? I had the 1/18 Joef gt 350 shelby and the detail was awsome .It was a midnite blue. In the 1/18 lately ,they are in bed with universal hobbies , and eagles race. I was just schmoozing on ebay and the revell version looks like the same casting also. I had a lane exact detail, black and gold 350h. I later sold it. I got a lot of mustangs in 2 sales. 3 in each. 1 of them was a shelby collectible. These were all used and in quite good condition. The shelby collectible was almost exactly like the Lane. They even had the same plaid trunk carpet under the spare. I sold most of those off. I was just after a couple cars for keeps. I just got the 350 h in black and gold in a shelby coll. very reasonable with the strapping still on the car. Its gorgeous. Its amazing how many manufacturers must be sharing molds, etc. Most of the 1/18 joef mustang shapes lately are a little dis proportioned anymore. The same with the uni. and eagles . But those ferraris you have are spot on. Excellent! I'm a bronco guy
and I love the Jada 1/64 66-77 broncos. They came out with a 1/43 and 1/24 of the broncos and they look awful. The 1/64 is the best.They lost it when they went bigger. Greentree took over, Johnny lightling are good. Now Greentree came out
with 1/18 and they are perfect proportion but no hoods open, no motors, and most of the versions, only the doors open. 1 or 2 the roofs come off.They are stupid expensive. I like the days when diecast were cheaper and everything opened and detail was quite good across the board.

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Message thread:

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They were excellent for their time. The engine detail on the 911 is phenomenal. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #26784.1
There are some on Ebay.. Also I believe they are sold under the UH name slightly cheaper. (EOM) by Gary Rockwood #26784.1.1
I think you meant Jouef. Anyway, I have the 911, which is excellent. by Harvey Goranson #26784.1.1.1
Harvey, you're absolutely right, I was just so eager to finish the post... by Clifford Read #26784.
What era ? by Bob Davis #26784.2

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