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Posted By: Randall Olson
Posted On: Sunday December 1, 2019 at 1:50 PM
Clifford, I admire your photography and your skill in correcting these issues. Please
elaborate on how you did the painting of the TSM lower section. The paintwork looks uniform from top to bottom. Did you paint the whole car? Was there trim removal involved and if so how did you achieve this without destroying things?

I think that I am not alone in stating that I would be reluctant to even try this work. Well done.

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Message thread:

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According to a Google search, they still used three in '54. They must have waited until '55 (EOM) by Clifford Read #26847.1.1.2
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Clifford, I admire your photography and your skill in correcting these issues. Please by Randall Olson #26847.3
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I agree. Clifford, your work is really impressive. Well done! (EOM) by David Holcombe #26847.
Here's NEO's '57 Roadmaster Hardtop Coupe (PIC) by Barry Levittan #26847.5
Only the Special and Century Buicks had the three piece windows. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #26847.5.1
I respectfully disagree, Bob - the Model 76R hardtop coupe had a divided rear window. by Barry Levittan #26847.5.1.1
I always thought what Bob thinks. But, much to my surprise, here's a pic. by John Kuvakas #26847.
Note the scallops ahead of the rear wheels on that 76R. NEO's is the 75 which has Roadmaster script. by Barry Levittan #26847.
I'm waiting for a 43rd version of the 8th generation Riviera 1995-1999 by John Quilter #26847.6

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