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Posted By: Richard Nosker
Posted On: Friday January 3, 2020 at 9:06 AM
Comments on the lack of models from the teens and twenties.
Jerry Rettig has offered some comments, which I'm posting here. "Beyond the dozens of Ford Ts and As there are some others not mentioned in previous posts. There are several Danbury Mint models that fall into the year range. Yes they are unpainted pewter. Yes, they are a bit difficult to disassemble, but it can be done. And with careful planning, they can be hand-painted without disassembly. The 1909 and 1913 Cadillacs are relatively easy to hand-paint. There is also the 1918 Cadillac by Amercom, a 1912 Chevrolet by Micropet, and a 1914 Chev by Ertl. There is nothing from the Chrysler family that I know about. But there are several of the Independents represented. Mikansue did a 1927 Stutz, Neo has the 29 Packard, Brumm did a 1908 Locomobile and the DM steps in again with a 1912 Simplex. 23 Springfield Rolls Royce, and 13 Mercer. And we can't forget the Matchbox 1920 Mack AC in a variety of versions and body types. I suspect if I really wade into my reference files I could probably ferret some more."

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Message thread:

Comments on the lack of models from the teens and twenties. by Richard Nosker #27079
Pewter 1:43 oldies by Danbury Mint (pics) by David Holcombe #27079.1
Great pics David... is the pewter model the one that says 'crafted in pewter' on the pic? by BenD Lampson #27079.1.1
Boy, can I make a boo-boo!! (EOM) by David Holcombe #27079.1.1.1
And there is a pretty nice 1914 Buick touring car by John Quilter #27079.1.2
1909 Stanley Steamer in peuter by John Quilter #27079.1.2.1

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