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Posted By: Skip Johnson
Posted On: Monday January 6, 2020 at 9:42 PM
Speaking of Amanda.....
I would like to join the numerous other members of this forum who have, from time to time, come to praise Amanda for her customer service. At long last, I have been the beneficiary of Brooklin's "angel".

Over the years that I have collected Brooklin models (36 and counting....) I have lost or broken many parts along the way. I never tried to get replacement parts until December. My lengthy list included a bumper for the BRK9 Ford Van and a windshield for the BRK12 Hudson (both models from circa 1980). These were added sort of as a lark, for surely they wouldn't have parts from back then.


When I opened the two wonderfully packed jewelry-box styled packages that arrived just a few days after my note to Amanda, there they were. Incredible. And she was able to send along every single part I had requested.

The entire process was fantastic; rare in today's world do you find such service. Whoever her fiance is, he is one lucky guy!

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