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Posted By: Albert Kopans
Posted On: Tuesday January 7, 2020 at 9:52 PM
A bit of history.
Just some info. The real car used as the prototype was bought here in Toronto at a classic car auction. Alex B., the man behind the model, bought it as he liked the condition. It had a fairly low mileage and a clean interior. The car was yellow with the silver roof, just like the first variation of the model produced. We took it for a drive a few times.

He then drove it to Florida, and it was sitting there for a year or two. And then Alex struck a deal with EMC. The car was shipped to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Alex drove it from there to Kiev, Ukraine! Unlike most other EMC models, this one was made using real car for measurements. After all the measurements and pictures were done, Alex drove it back to Western Europe and managed to sell it to someone in Germany. No idea if it's still alive, but most likely it went to someone who appreciated it.

As far as the numbers, I think the first edition was 200 models, the red and the blue being the rarest - 40 each. Yellow and black are more common. There was then a second edition with a convertible top (open and close), continental kit and an aftermarket billet grille in various combinations. I don't remember how many of those were done.

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