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Posted By: John Kuliak
Posted On: Sunday January 12, 2020 at 5:37 PM
Blue interior
I was fortunate to get a (thrill) ride in a 1/1 Ferrari 250 GTO about 25 years ago. The upholstery was that very shade of blue.

If you look at color photos of Ferrari sports racers from that period, that color upholstery seems to have been used in most of them in period.

The 1/1 GTO I rode in had bare metal everywhere except the seats and the dash. Why carry extra weight in a race car?

So I would imagine whoever chopped the top on the version Randy has must have felt the need to cover some of that bare metal with some more blue fabric or perhaps matching paint, since the interior is now so visible.

Oh yeah...I will never forget the howl of that V-12 engine as the owner floored the throttle. There is no sound deadening material in a racing car!

No wonder Herbert von Karajan loved his V-12 Ferraris.


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