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Posted By: Rick Thompson
Posted On: Friday January 17, 2020 at 3:25 PM
David, I wanted to refresh my memory so I went to "Collectible Automobile's"
July '85 issue which featured the Tucker. I know you have a copy!

On the cover is Tucker #41, clearly light yellow. Note the wheel covers. Then this car is shown, minus the license plate, on pages 54-55 in what is clearly white or very light beige and with different wheel covers.. Same owner. Then, it's back again on pages 60-61 in yellow, and still with the same owner. Weird.

As for the story on the colors, the caption on p. 49 reads "Paint colors varied among the 50 production Tuckers, as did equipment and some running gear." We knew about the variations in trim pieces, door handles, fuel filler locations, etc. Then, on p. 59, in the sidebar about the Tucker Club, we find "All Tuckers are four-door sedans and look about the same except for colors; nearly every one was done in a different hue." Neither of these statements is definitive, but they do seem to support what I always thought---that each was different in color although sometimes the differences weren't dramatic. That same sidebar states that "even a few [Tuckers] got the self-shifting "Tuckermatic" transmission. Car #48 is fitted with a three-speed Borg-Warner manual, while other cars have four-speed manuals and some the four-speed electric shift. Lots of variations in transmissions, then, too.

By the way, the Kelly Green car, no. 5, was at an indoor car show in Austin some years back and the owner was there at a table displaying his Tucker literature collection and his own paperwork. He'd owned the car for a long time, and had several large binders of official papers, registration documents, and that sort of thing. He was a really nice guy and after we'd talked for awhile, he invited me to sit in his car. It was really cool, the only time I actually met an owner of a Tucker and given the privilege of sitting behind the wheel. He was an older gentleman when this happened, so I wonder if he is still living or who owns the car now.

Seems that there is nothing easy about the history of Tuckers!

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