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Posted By: Raymond Paszkiewicz
Posted On: Friday January 31, 2020 at 2:49 PM
Goldvarg Model Cars: Choosing correct colors for models cars
I am probably going to step on a few toes and take some flak from fellow collectors, but I have been in the model car hobby for over 60 years, and feel like I can discuss the subject with some objectivity, and a little bit of knowledge on the subject.
My criteria for a model car is not necessarily perfection, but is approaching perfection, and bringing out the character of what the car is supposed to be, but above all, authenticity. If, as an example, 100,000 people bought 1961 Mercury Comets, and they all met specifications, but 2 people had their cars painted a non authentic color, I want the model of that 1961 Mercury Comet to match the 99,998 cars sold, and not the 2 that were changed.
In 1961 Summer Rose was not a color available on a Mercury Comet. It was strictly a full size Mercury color. It should not be on the model of a Comet. Who would spend the money ,after buying a low priced Comet, change the color of this brand new car. I definitely don't want a model painted this non authentic color, no matter how pretty one might think it is. I personally think it's not correct for a 4 door sedan. The second color chosen appears to be Green Frost, which is fine. Nine other great colors are Saxon Green, Sheffield Gray (Red & White interior), Regency Turquoise, Columbia Blue, etc. etc. They are all authentic.
One more subject I want to cover on this post, is the 1962 Oldsmobile Fiesta station wagon. Sunset Mist, Heather Mist, and Garnet Mist are three colors I would not choose for a station wagon. Would your Dad or Uncle come around to show off his new car in either of these colors? I try and think that way when I am choosing a proper color for a model. Sand Beige, or Surf Green are just two colors which seem appropriate for a wagon.
I don't know if I have made my point, Maybe not. Authenticity is as important as anything in producing a model car, and color can make or break a sale. A Pink 4 door sedan or Orchid station wagon is not going to make it for me.

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