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Posted By: Jack Dodds
Posted On: Friday January 31, 2020 at 5:01 PM
Personally the pink Comet is not my choice; I will take the alternative.
I tend to concur that model colors ought to be those that were regularly seen back in the day. Regarding station wagons of the 60s; personally I generally prefer to see lighter colors on wagons, especially those with the "wood grain" feature but there are some dark shades that also appeal, including of course black. Now on to the higher end wagons (like the Olds of topic here). I tend to be more accepting of "flashier" metallic colors on these cars so on this Olds wagon the metallic garnet, heather, etc. are fine with me; whereas a pastel orchid is not. I think it is wise to offer two colors for this model; one flashier as just mentioned and one more conservative. This tends to satisfy a broader range of collectors IMO. As an aside, I would also offer one color of the Olds wagon without skirts for this same reason. Lastly, I wonder if perhaps Sergio also wants to ensure one or two popular colors don't appear in his line of models too frequently; for example basic red, metallic blue or metallic turquoise/aqua. These are prevalent, attractive 60s colors offered by the various marques. As most of us know, marketing results/history tends to greatly influence the colors offered; for example red sells well in general so we see it a lot. Those of us who collect a large number of models obviously grow tired of this attractive color being overdone in our display cabinets, so we ask for an alternative; which may not sell as well overall. Point being is that people like Sergio have many aspects to address in order to be competitive in this business and we may not understand the entire picture...I know I don't. I am very pleased that Sergio is open to frank discussion and sees the value in it for everyone involved. I find it very refreshing to see the perspective of others and offer mine for consideration. I always appreciate Ray's perspective, given his history in our hobby.

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