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Posted By: John Kuvakas Zone Diplomat
Posted On: Saturday February 1, 2020 at 6:50 AM
We all have different motivations for buying. We all have opinions.
The only time things get testy is when we state our opinions harshly and begin insinuating that someone is wrong because their opinion differs. Each of us should pause before entering the "post" button and ask if we wrote our post in anger or resentment. A quick proofread should help keep the tone amiable.

I think Ray stated his opinion and gave advice based on a depth of experience in the hobby. Whether or not Sergio receives that advice and offers a car in one color or another is up to him. Whether any one of us buys that color is up to each individual and their own preferences. Either way, hopefully, Sergio will sell all of his models as long as he continues to offer his incredible values and each of us will look on our displays with some pride of ownership knowing that we bought what pleases us, and we'll all wake up in the morning and still be friends.

Let's move on, gents.

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