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Posted By: Rich Pendleton
Posted On: Sunday February 2, 2020 at 6:28 PM
More history on Nostalgic Miniatures
Just a few weeks ago I ordered some Brooklin parts from Amanda and was telling her about their Coke trucks. Much of what I'm writing here is copied from that email. I hope some of you find it interesting.

My brother worked for Miniature Toys, Inc. (Nostalgic Miniatures). In the early 80's he was after me to come work there to do the painting as for the most part the paint jobs were pretty bad. I finally agreed and would spend the week at my brother's and go home to Cape Cod each weekend.

Our models were all handbuilt from pewter or white metal and most were sold in both painted and unpainted pewter versions. Both my brother and I did everything from the casting to final assembly at times. I did all the painting.

Most of the models were a bit crude, especially by today's standards.

The last project I had a hand in was the DeLorean in 1983. It was the most accurate 1/43 DeLorean model available at the time and still looks good today when built and detailed properly. The trouble was that the build quality was not always the best due to inexperienced workers, and of course, cost.

To keep up with others like Brooklin we started putting in windows and adding more details and the masters were getting more accurate. I also started using clear coat on some models.
I don't think it's commonly known but we were the only ones at the time licensed to use the Coca Cola name so when a company wanted to do a Coke model they had to send them to us to decal and also for me to paint if they were to be yellow. Some diecast companies sent us prepainted red models so all we did was add decals. Unless some were done before I was there, I painted all the Brooklin Coke models and we assembled them in Westboro, Ma. I can't remember for sure if we did the casting but we did do it for Minimarque as we built a lot of models for them in addition to their Coke trucks including 36 Ford cars, 58 Chevys, and the Pioneer Models Avanti, all cast and built here, not in England as the base plates say. Bob Brennen and Richard Briggs of Minimarque made a deal and we were going to open a facility in England using the new name Pioneer Models. My brother was going to oversee it. There was a disagreement between the owners and that never happened.

We only made a few Avantis under the name Pioneer Models. The base plates said made in England but they were also all made here. Minimarque later sold the Avantis but under the Minimarque name.

I finally got tired of being away from home all week and left MTI. I enjoyed working there and Bob was very good to me. After that there were some pretty bad paint jobs again. It wasn't too long and MTI closed for good. I'm not sure of the reasons. My brother started his own company, Master Models, making white metal trucks. I helped from time to time.

I had been doing a lot of shows with my brother and had customers from all over ordering custom built plastic and white metal models from me. I finally stopped doing that because I didn't have time but continued to build for myself, also selling some.

I've been building models since 1959 and still am. I've just finished detailing some rare NOS Western Models some of which I will sell.

I have between 1-200 Nostalgic Miniatures, some samples or prototypes, and many detailed and modified. All my photos are on my computer so I don't think I can post them.

Over the past few years Bob has been selling his collection on Ebay.

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