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Posted By: Rich Pendleton
Posted On: Wednesday February 5, 2020 at 11:43 AM
A small sampling of 1/43 Taxis
Some of these I detailed and some were damaged ones that I repaired. I have many other taxis and multiples of many of these.

There are 2 Western 57 Desotos, 2 48 Desotos-1 is an original Sun Motor Company model, the other is an AGM which took over the Sun molds. The later AGM's were resin. Both of these are white metal. I have some resin AGMs.

There are 2 Western Checkers-both are the early versions without clear headlights. I detailed the one with the whitewalls. There is a Sabra 66 Chevy and a Vitesse Mercedes from their old taxis of the world series.

Also a USA 40 Ford and 50 Nash (both detailed) and an old Zaugg 50 Nash-in white metal so no warping like many of their resin models.

A Rextoys Airflow (yes I do have their others), an Ifitsgotwheels Caprice, and a Checker airport limo from the magazine series. I added whitewalls to dress it up and detailed it. I was able to get a few, they are really nice models.

In the 80's and 90's I also sold Trax models at shows. They made a nice series of four 1960 Falcon taxis. I still have cases of Trax Falcons and Valiants so will dig some out another time.

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