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Posted By: Rich Pendleton
Posted On: Thursday February 6, 2020 at 1:10 PM
Pics--Vilmer Chevy 6400, Lone Star 1961 Dodge Dart
I have been downsizing my photos by 50%. I view the forum on a 42 inch monitor so they seem okay to me. I would appreciate knowing if I need to make any changes. I was thinking yesterday that I may have gone overboard on the number of photos I posted. Today I tried to cut it down. Again, I would appreciate any suggestions as I'm new at this.

These first photos are of 3 Vilmer (Denmark) Chevy 6400 army trucks. They are all original other than maybe a few tires. Not mint, but too nice to do over. The wheel or gun on the roofs steer the wheels as you turn them.

The next photos are of 2 unrestored 1/50 Lone Star 61 Dodge Darts. They are all original but years ago I did foil some trim on the one with the chrome bumpers. They are very accurate, unlike their 60 Ford and Cadillac models. One has chrome bumpers and wheels, no interior, and black rubber tires. The other has painted bumpers, wheels molded in gray, hard white tires, and an interior.

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Message thread:

Pics--Vilmer Chevy 6400, Lone Star 1961 Dodge Dart by Rich Pendleton #27269
Vilmer? A man after my own heart! I have many of those. The Chevy... by Karl Schnelle #27269.1
Yes I noticed. These 3 came from the same person years ago. by Rich Pendleton #27269.1.1
I remember those Lone Stars - they came bubble wrapped didn't they? by Harvey Goranson #27269.2
Yes I had the Cadillac and Ford new in the blister packages. by Rich Pendleton #27269.2.1

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