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Posted By: Harvey Goranson
Posted On: Thursday February 6, 2020 at 1:15 PM
Since we've been strolling down memory lane here, did any of you deal with Roy Bell?
This was the second "vintage" toy dealer I ever bought from (first was Andre Bender of Paris). I found his name in an ad in a short-lived newsprint publication for our hobby, Miniature Cars. His lists always looked like a Nirvana for someone seeking out obsolete diecasts. Trouble was, Roy never deleted anything if he sold an item, figuring the next collection he acquired would just result in him having to relist it. So you would be put on the list for the next one that came in, your check would be returned, and you'd never hear anything again.

I came to realize the only thing to do was visit him in person, my first visit being as a college student on spring break in good ole Ft. Lauderdale. Roy had a shop in N. Miami, one of those dusty old antique shop-type places. So I was able to actually buy things there, a couple of old Dinky sports cars, including the MG TF.

Later in life as an insurance inspector I made a few business trips to southern FL, and stopped in once or twice. I picked up a nice but unboxed French Dinky Citroen H van, which I still have, and some rare Solidos from their kit range (Rolls Silver Cloud and a trolley bus). But Roy was getting on in years and the writing was on the wall.

Roy operated his business as "Miniature Cares From Around the World". Later on the entire business was bought lock, stock, and barrel, and for a time operated under the same name but with new stock pushing out the old. The owner then changed the name to his own - Eric Waiter & Asso. (EWA Model Cars). And I bought from him too (Eric also bought from me in the old Traders Horn days).

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