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Posted By: Jani Bodmann
Posted On: Friday February 7, 2020 at 1:38 PM
(Pics) Dodge Charger Daytona by Spark
Something new just popped at my house. Was kind of looking for a Charger Daytona already and then this conveniently appeared. Sure, the bare steel wheels are a little odd for a street version of this (don't recall seeing a single photo of one without some kind of cap)and don't know if this tone of red is exactly right, but this ain't anything that bothers me with the rest of the car this fine.

I've always liked the Daytona more than the Superbird, with the former just looking so unapologetically brutal over the more refined Plymouth. And I find this Spark offering really does bring that attitude home pretty well. Great work. The license plate is my own addition by the way.

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Message thread:

(Pics) Dodge Charger Daytona by Spark by Jani Bodmann #27277
Very nice detailed (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27277.1
Those hoodpins are tiny and look very fragile. Nice model. (EOM) by BenD Lampson #27277.2
Looks really nice by Keko Romero #27277.3
I like the plain steel wheels - that's the way we drove our street cars back in the day! (EOM) by Ken Smith #27277.3.1
Way-el hell son - all ya need to do is slap #71 and Bobby Isaac's name on it and yer good to go! by Harvey Goranson #27277.4
Beautiful model but could they put the Magnum 500 wheels on it please (EOM) by Mark Millar #27277.5
[PICS] A couple of alternative "winged wonders" by Graeme Ogg #27277.5.1
I also have the same Daytona and Superbird , Graeme, along with the MAE Daytona. by Rich Pendleton #27277.5.1.1
A recent Road & Track had an article on these. by Harvey Goranson #27277.
Also part of the reason why there were more Superbirds by Jani Bodmann #27277.
The rear window on the Daytona by Jani Bodmann #27277.5.1.2

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