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Posted By: Rich Pendleton
Posted On: Saturday February 8, 2020 at 1:19 PM
Some of the boxes have the scale marked on them
and some don't. The unbuilt ones in the photo vary from 1/40-1/48. I don't have the Morris box handy so can't check it. You are correct about the clear plastic window strip. It came in these 1962 issues but I'm not sure if it was included in the first issues that had no chrome plating.

I also love the Revell 1/32 55 and 56 cars. I built and sold many (all original issues) of those. I still have a lot of unbuilt ones and 5 or 6 of the factory built store displays besides a couple of the built ones I kept for myself. Someday I'll build more. I'd post photos but think 1/32 may be stretching it for this forum.

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Message thread:

1/40- 1/46 Ford Consul. Morris wagon by Rich Pendleton #27281
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Yes I did the glazing. This series came with a small strip of clear acetate but by Rich Pendleton #27281.2.1
As a boy I built the Revell Highway Pioneers, and I still find and build by David Holcombe #27281.3
I totally agree, they are fun. I have a factory sealed original case of by Rich Pendleton #27281.3.1
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Some of the boxes have the scale marked on them by Rich Pendleton #27281.4.1
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That's for sure! (EOM) by Rich Pendleton #27281.5.1
(PICS) Wow, those bring back memories....Vauxhall and Consul...... by Clifford Read #27281.6
Thanks, yours look great also . My two were built long ago too. I love the by Rich Pendleton #27281.6.1
Revell Cadet kits by John Roberts #27281.6.1.1
Clifford, you had the skills already in the 70ies. Well done (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27281.6.2

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