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Posted By: Rich Pendleton
Posted On: Saturday February 8, 2020 at 4:34 PM
That's for sure!

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Message thread:

1/40- 1/46 Ford Consul. Morris wagon by Rich Pendleton #27281
Wow, extremely nice and good models. I did not know Revell did this in our scale. Heller did lots of by Jacques Roest #27281.1
Did you do the glazing? by Marius Woolley #27281.2
Yes I did the glazing. This series came with a small strip of clear acetate but by Rich Pendleton #27281.2.1
As a boy I built the Revell Highway Pioneers, and I still find and build by David Holcombe #27281.3
I totally agree, they are fun. I have a factory sealed original case of by Rich Pendleton #27281.3.1
I built the Traveller when I was a kid. by Harvey Goranson #27281.4
Some of the boxes have the scale marked on them by Rich Pendleton #27281.4.1
Morris Traveler boxes (online) do not show a SCALE! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27281.4.1.1
Yes, you brought back memories, Rich! by John Kuliak #27281.5
That's for sure! (EOM) by Rich Pendleton #27281.5.1
(PICS) Wow, those bring back memories....Vauxhall and Consul...... by Clifford Read #27281.6
Thanks, yours look great also . My two were built long ago too. I love the by Rich Pendleton #27281.6.1
Revell Cadet kits by John Roberts #27281.6.1.1
Clifford, you had the skills already in the 70ies. Well done (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27281.6.2

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