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Posted By: Randy Rusk
Posted On: Sunday March 15, 2020 at 5:47 PM
More from the collectors' weekend
After some fun times swapping stories and checking out 1/43 models with the guys on Saturday, everyone headed over to the toy show on Sunday. While most all of the vendors were there, crowds were very slim.

Here are some pics from Sunday's show:

Skip and Karl hosting the Forum 43 table

Sergio sent along some pre-production samples of the latest Goldvarg releases. But keep in mind...these aren't done yet. He's still tweaking.

Tom had some of the newest Conquest models out from Buz.

Some more special models on the Forum 43 table.

Greg talks about his forthcoming DeSoto wagon. He's taking pre-orders and expects delivery in a month (as long as COVID-19 doesn't have other plans).

Some nice Automodello models in 1:24...

John and Skip were quick to hand out all the literature you could want...and then some!

Frank brought along a few models he was ready to let go into someone else's collection.

A holy grail model for many. But the asking price kept it out of reach for me!

Here are some more close-up shots of Jeff Lane's new white metal line called Second City Motors. The first is this Ford Ranch Wagon in an early state (notice there's no windshield yet). Jeff says there are a few more tweaks needed to meet his standards and then expect to see it in several trim and color variations.

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Message thread:

More from the collectors' weekend by Randy Rusk #27551
Thanks, Randy. I appreciate these pictures and your good information. (EOM) by David Holcombe #27551.1
And I'll 2nd that ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #27551.1.1
Thanks, Randy for your pictures. It gives an impression. (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27551.2
All I have to say is... by Keko Romero #27551.3
Thanks for the photos. Looks like great fun. Wish I could have been there. (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #27551.4
+1 Hopefully next show! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27551.4.1
Thanks Randy! Great photos. (EOM) by Jeffery Lane #27551.5
. (EOM) by Jay Golan #27551.5.1
Does Harvey Levine still sell at this event? Was Buzz at the Sunday show? (EOM) by Jay Golan #27551.6
Harvey was there. Buz will attend the show in October. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27551.6.1
Howie Levine by John Kuliak #27551.6.2
Perhaps we should call him "How-WEE" (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27551.6.2.1
Please don't confuse me with "Le Frenchman"! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #27551.6.3

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