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Posted By: John Kuvakas
Posted On: Tuesday March 17, 2020 at 8:15 AM
More pics from Chicago, Saturday
Many thanks to Randy Rusk, our resident show chronicler, for his excellent pics of the show. Here are a few more along with my observations and comments.

Overall, attendance for the weekend was sparse. We had a good group at the Friday night dinner at Palmer's Place thanks to Tom Kinney's help. Eight guys had dinner together and got caught up with each other.

The new venue, The 1/43 & Automobilia Show, on Saturday at the Holiday Inn attracted eleven vendors, most of whom were impressed enough to commit to returning due to how well it was arranged and promoted. Nice job Jeff Lane!

Brooklin sent some of their new models along with samples of the new steering wheel collection and two of the Riva boat models not to mention the new catalogs and some of the new Brooklin Collector's Guides. They offered free shipping for the show (email me if you would like the discount code) and a discount on the guides. We still have some of the guides. Let me know if you would like one. We also had applications for the Brooklin collector's club on hand and samples of their new slick magazine.

Second City had its first offering to show. This is a very early prototype and is in its first stages of development so be kind on your comments. It shows great promise. We'll have more news and pictures on this one soon.

Jeff Lane not only made time to put the show together, but he also brought a display.

Jeff and Tom Dirnberger, you've seen some of his spectacular GLM LE's, were with us for the entire weekend. Both are enthusiastic collectors and awesome model makers.

Gregg Gunn has a massive display and Charlie Barnett flew in from the UK. Let's hope Charlie can get back!! He's been a great ambassador for the hobby. So has Gregg who is a master model builder!

Gregg's display

Here's Gregg's new Dodge wagon. It's a beaut! There are more colors to come.

Our Forum 43 booth.

Our new friend, Mike, showed a massive collection of models and memorabilia.

Harvey Goranson brought some fascinating models. Harvey is encyclopedic in his knowledge of our models and their history.

Here's one of Harvey Goranson's 1/100 masterpieces. Ask him about them. They're stunning!

Frank Racibozynski did his Mighty Mouse impression and saved the day by making a run for White Castle burgers which he shared with everyone!

The crowds were not large but what they lacked in numbers they made up in passion and enjoyment of the hobby/

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