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Posted By: Raymond Paszkiewicz
Posted On: Friday March 20, 2020 at 6:22 PM
Victory Models very rare 1940 Buicks.
These are not very well known, because not very many were made. I tried to look for the original Invoices, but just too many to go through. I'd say a maximum of 75 to 100 models were made in the early 2000's.
I always liked the 1940 Buick. GM's first torpedo body styling. These are on the Super wheelbase, and I remember the man I hired to make the sedan master had a very hard time with the rear of the car, which was very important to me, for this was the basis for the Torpedo look. Very satisfied with the outcome. Too bad we didn't make more.

1940 Buick Super 4 dr sedan

1940 Buick Super Convertible Coupe. Didn't notice the whitewall till later.

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Message thread:

Victory Models very rare 1940 Buicks. by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27605
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Really fine models. The sedan is ultra-special. Thanks for posting these good pictures. (EOM) by David Holcombe #27605.3
Nice job Ray. I'm a fan of the Victory Models. by David Larsen #27605.4
Thanks for all of the nice comments, by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27605.4.1
These are VERY nice! (EOM) by BenD Lampson #27605.5
1940 Buick Sedan by Alan Dinsmore #27605.6
Whitewalls for 1/43rd by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27605.6.1

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