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Posted By: Curtis Parisi
Posted On: Saturday March 21, 2020 at 3:17 PM
Hi Jeff, In doing a little research
I have attached a few photos of ORIGINAL paint cars for you showing how a Ranch Wagon would have come from the factory.
I also included brochure pictures which show the same trim as the original paint car photos.
The only pictures of a Ranch Wagon with Fairlane or Galaxy trim on the quarter from the wheel arch back is one MODIFIED car. These cars are
the owners interpretations which at least to me unfortunately are mostly not accurate anymore. I also think that the wheel arch/quarter panel trim makes the
car look like the bottom of the quarter panel is cut off since there is no color there.
My humble recommendation would be to leave this trim off on your model if your intent is to replicate a car as it would have come from the Ford Factory.
I see the three stars are factory. They are fine. The Genuine Ford Parts model has the stars and the Fairlane trim at the wheel arch which is not correct.
I wouldn’t duplicate what they did anyway even if it is white metal. You have a chance to make this model correct which they did not.
Please do not take offense to these comments as I only would like to point out what Ford actually did. Maybe someone could have ordered this trim but I doubt it
on the cheaper station wagon. 99.9 % of the cars would not have had it even if it was available.

Brown Ranch Wagon, 3 stars only

Green Ranch Wagon, 3 stars only

Yellow Ranch Wagon, 3 stars only

Original paint car

Original paint car

Original paint car

Original paint car

Original paint car

The only photo of a Ranch wagon I could find with the trim which is the owner referbisher's idea of what they wanted.

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