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Posted By: Albert Kopans
Posted On: Sunday March 22, 2020 at 11:18 AM
Thank you for the Cadillac discussion! Pictures inside.
Here are the some pictures from my archive. Some are of the pictures are mine, but some where take from the Web. Apologize for the different picture sizes.

So, first the 1976 sedan and sedan-based stretches. I classify them as such based on the shape of rear door.

Standard sedan - Elegance

Armbruster Stageway Limousine - Elegance

Castillian Wagon by Traditional Coachworks - Matrix

Convertible by ASC - Privilege D'Elegance (an ultra-limited edition sub-brand of Elegance)

Custom sedan - Elegance

Armbruster Stageway Silverhawk - Elegance

Limousine - Elegance

Limousine - Elegance ( I think this was done after Claude officially ended Elegance.)

Stageway Limousine - Elegance

Mirage Sports Wagon by Traditional Coachworks - Privilege D'Elegance

These are based on the 75 series

Airport Limousine - Elegance

Standard 75 Fleetwood - Elegance

Custom Wagon - Elegance

El Classico by ASC - Elegance

Custom Landau - Elegance

Landaulet - Elegance

Landaulet by Hess&Eisenhardt - Elegance

Limousine - Privilege D'Elegance

Leo Weiser's Limousine by ASC - Privilege D'Elegance

Custom Limousine - Elegance

Embassy Coach - Elegance

Custom Landaulet Limousine - Privilege D'Elegance

Limousine Moloney - Elegance

Limousine by Ultra Limousines - Elegance (or rather Claude's personal name, there was no Elegance at that time)

Wisco Limousine - Elegance

Custom limousine - Privilege D'Elegance

Custom Town Car - Privilege D'Elegance

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Message thread:

Thank you for the Cadillac discussion! Pictures inside. by Albert Kopans #27622
Crazy customs! I am anxious to see pics comparing the new Chinese resins to Elegance Cadillacs. by David Crowe #27622.1
Amazing collection of Caddies. I think in resin the length will need by Don Anderson #27622.1.1
Most of these Elegance models were made in mid-90s. They hold well. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #27622.1.1.1
It appears you took a photo of my display case :) ! (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #27622.2

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