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Posted By: BenD Lampson
Posted On: Thursday March 26, 2020 at 3:45 PM

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Message thread:

Photo shoot at Wally's Gas Station today. by Randy Bahler #27659
I appreciate your pictures a bunch! (EOM) by Galen Laird #27659.1
I like this! Especially when a driver and photographer appear. I don't by David Holcombe #27659.2
oooops (EOM) by BenD Lampson #27659.2.1
The convertible is a Motor City USA Model David. (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27659.2.2
Thanks, Randy. You have a fine model Ford. Good choice! (EOM) by David Holcombe #27659.2.2.1
A man that will put a blower on a Brooklin, is a man that knows no fear! by BenD Lampson #27659.3
Ben I lowered the front end a tad to get that stance on the Ford as well. Great fun ! (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27659.3.1
Nice job on the foil. The model oooks great! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27659.3.1.1
My kinda guy! (EOM) by BenD Lampson #27659.3.1.2
Love that Ford - a great looking year. (EOM) by Duncan Pohl #27659.4
The red convertible appears to be a Chrysler rather than a DeSoto. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27659.5
It is a Kager model so I was thinking Desoto, You are correct Bob, but it has a blower ! (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27659.5.1
Great brake calipers! Now stops as fast as it goes. (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #27659.6

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