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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Wednesday May 13, 2020 at 7:44 AM
[PICS] Maybe even nicer in a more authentic GTO colour?
I recognised the model in your post and realised I had a red one sitting on a shelf. Although your model is quite pretty I think red/orange was a more typical GTO colour (and the paint doesn't have that annoying over-scale "sparkle").

Note the nice black wash on the twin grilles and hood scoops. They even marked the edge of the flaps for the concealed headlamps.

Maybe not quite on a par with the fabled Franklin Mint version but for about a tenth of the price on eBay these days it's a pretty convincing model.

Incidentally, David, a quick browse online for "Pontiac GTO Road Champs" revealed that you posted pics of this model on the Forum just 2 years ago (March 2018) so it hasn't been lost in a dusty corner for quite as long as you imagined!


In response to that earlier post Randy B said he had improved his by fitting slightly larger wheels and tyres. Good idea, or failing that, the axles could simply be raised slightly to make the car look a little less jacked-up.

The shutlines aren't really that bad. The side stripe on my model is misaligned on my photos but the doors and bonnet/hood can actually be "jiggled" slightly as you close them to improve the fit and alignment. I just didn't notice until after the pics were taken.

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