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Posted By: Ken Spear
Posted On: Wednesday May 20, 2020 at 12:59 AM
Re:post28078 model car Inventory software. In addition to
having an organized and itemized written inventory of all models, as I get up in years I have become concerned about estate planning and the added stress that I might place on my wife and kids in disposing of my collection.In particular, my family wouldn't know the difference between a Chev and a Ford or an IXO and a Motorcity let alone which box belongs with which car. I realized that a written inventory is not enough. In my area, there are very few if any experts who could help dispose of a collection so they are pretty much on their own. We all have time and considerable money invested in our cars and would like to see our beneficiaries reap a fair value on disposition.
This lead me to set up a photographic inventory of my cars .Each car, box and details are photographed ,the photos transferred to my laptop and placed in a folder. I have yet to place them on a flash drive and give one to each of my kids.This method may be cheezy but it works. If you are computer literate, another method is to just take a photo of the car and box only and paste it onto a page which contains all the details that you require. I understand that this method works only for small collections and would be a daunting task for very large collections. It took me about a month to do my collection of 170 cars.I have included a sample page below to see what I mean. Note: I really like how Brooklin started to place pictures of the model on the box.Route 66 does it also. Estate planning is a good example of how this pays off big time.

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Re:post28078 model car Inventory software. In addition to by Ken Spear #28087
As you say....It's good for a small collection. BUT many like myself have by Tom Ciryak #28087.1
I'm planning to take mine with me. by Richard Nosker #28087.2
I keep an excel spread sheet on all my cars which includes; by Bruce Parsons #28087.3

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