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Posted By: Jay Golan
Posted On: Thursday June 18, 2020 at 6:16 PM
Any experiences with overseas shipping recently?
I Have an order waiting, I assume, in the Netherlands (NLPost) since May 27. Not sure if the package is bound up there or the USA. Would like to know others current experience with overseas mail .

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Message thread:

Any experiences with overseas shipping recently? by Jay Golan #28264
My recent experience has been packages tied up in customs by Bob Jackman #28264.1
view from another side, U.S. to Australia by Geoff Jowett #28264.1.1
I order from Hobby Link Japan and have been receiving my by Lou Petrucci #28264.1.2
I ship a lot and I buy a lot. Most of my packages from April(!) are still travelling. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28264.2
I too, am awaiting one from the Netherlands since May 10th, and several from Wuhan. (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #28264.3
Has not been good for me either. Waiting for 3 model for 2 months now ! I quit buying. (EOM) by Randy Bahler #28264.4
Waiting for 2 - 4 months for packages from Germany, Russia and Poland (EOM) by Roger Kerr #28264.4.1
Waited 10 weeks from France before my model arrived. I won't order from overseas for the by Curtis Parisi #28264.4.2
Shipping (or receiving) is tough right now. I just received a package from China that I ordered in by John Merritt #28264.5
I've been waiting for a package from Canada which is, by John Quilter #28264.6
Just today I received a nice "thank you" e-mail from a purchaser in Russia. His by David Holcombe #28264.7
These posts make me feel better by Bob Azman #28264.8
A view from the other side: Incoming parcels from the U.S. to Germany... by Ralf Buyer #28264.9
As far as diecast related shipments I've only bought by Jeff Gaither #28264.9.1
I have a customer in Moscow who returned a model to my German supplier - it's been intransit for 3 by Mark Sweeney #28264.10
I had previous orders from Germany delivered in under two weeks and now I am waiting for one that by J D Simmons #28264.11
Had ordered a Panasonic/Toyota Racing transporter back in late April from by Tom Ciryak #28264.12
None of this explains why a package from Canada that was tracked by John Quilter #28264.13
I have recently ordered from carmodel and mondo by Roger Kerr #28264.13.1
I just received a Mondo package with less delay than others. by Harvey Goranson #28264.13.1.1
This could have been the opportunity for Canada Post and USPS to shine, but......... by Clifford Read #28264.13.2
+1...Cliff....please read my reply to John below (EOM) by BenD Lampson #28264.13.2.1
John, I live in Massachusetts, an as you probably know already, Massachusetts is directly north by BenD Lampson #28264.13.3
My package coming from Canada has been stuck in some Chicago by John Quilter #28264.13.3.1

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