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Posted By: Raymond Paszkiewicz
Posted On: Friday June 19, 2020 at 5:16 PM
1942 Oldsmobile and whitewall tires......
The reason Brooklin did not put whitewall tires on this Olds, was that Mr Bulgari's car does not have them.
Mr Bulgari is a stickler for accuracy, and if you look at the 1942 Oldsmobile sales brochure, all of the cars are lacking whitewall tires.
When the 1942 cars got underway in production, we were already partially changing over to building was machines and sending them over to England and Russia. There was already a scarcity of materials for certain civilian uses. Then came Pearl Harbor and we went all out. Car production ceased approximately February 1st, 1942. White wall tires and chrome finishing became casualties of the war effort. The last cars built from late December to the end of production, are called Blackout models.
So lots of 1942 cars lack whitewall tires. I personally like whitewalls and my 1942 Studebaker President has them. It doesn't change history, because when tires became plentiful in the late 1940's, many 1942 cars had them as a replacement.

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Message thread:

PICs - From My Collection - '42 Oldsmobile by John Merritt #28265
Very nice John....I have the two-tone one and it is one of my favorite white metal models.....(pics) by BenD Lampson #28265.1
The whitewalls really take it up a notch. Beautiful model. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #28265.2
I think the ‘42 Oldsmobile is possibly Brooklin’s best yet. by John Ellis #28265.2.1
It is a beautiful model. I have the gray version too, for now I'm leaving it with black-walls. by John Merritt #28265.2.1.1
Thanks, John. As with colour schemes, by John Ellis #28265.
The whitewalls look great on the Olds. The blue model also has the correct by Lou Petrucci #28265.3
Lou, although probably not correct, I decided to keep the red by John Ellis #28265.3.1
Isn't it because Mr. Bulgari's car, on which this model is based, has them? by Rick Thompson #28265.3.1.1
Rick... it was based on Bulgari’s car however the red insert was not a factory by Lou Petrucci #28265.
Lou...I knew it wasn't factory-correct, and I double-checked my Olds by Rick Thompson #28265.
Thanks for the information Rick! (EOM) by Lou Petrucci #28265.
PIC I also took the liberty to change my Olds a bit... by Ralf Buyer #28265.4
Much better with white walls (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28265.5
1942 Oldsmobile and whitewall tires...... by Raymond Paszkiewicz #28265.7

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