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Posted By: Jean Philippe Sergent
Posted On: Sunday June 21, 2020 at 9:36 PM
On the 68 Cadillac Coupe they did received help, but the final product
came out way worst than the corrected deco sample...

The 58 Fleetwood prototypes ( deco samples ) shown on the website were amazing...but here again, the final products have these horrible lower body pieces shrunken. It's not the beginning of the scale model world, companies should know or prevent any shrinking of the resin released too soon from their molds or the drying time...There is no excuses.

I know that companies are being helped but apparently it's not enough.

Looks like noboby's there to control products quality, obviously, or maybe the guy in charge is really bad at his job.

Well....it's gonna become their problem more than ours....many people have noticed now and decided to stop buying, until real improvement.

It's a shame and a total disrespect for collectors to let these models to be released in the first place and sold for more than a 100 bucks, especially when they are really capable of doing excellent replicas...

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