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Posted By: Jean Philippe Sergent
Posted On: Monday June 22, 2020 at 1:02 AM
Lloyd, nobody wants to listen 2 guys like us ! LOL !!!
We are too picky for the mass, always saying this or that is wrong, disproportionate, too this, not enough that... giving divers opinions that nobody wants to take for what they are, not understanding that it's meant for pushing companies stop to sell us crap.

I have to admit that, before buying, I wasn't expecting of course, these problems with the '58 Fleetwood, as what we saw from the first deco samples was already promising.
( although if a few things that needed correction, and GLM WAS correcting )

Pointing out issues ( and so helping companies ) on prototypes is not hard.
But when the final model released is worst than the prototype, there is a real problem here.

So, no further purchase in 1/43rd scale if no improvements.

As I am not too bad with my building skills, I enjoy coming back to convert old JoHan's Cadillac, which are, to this days, still among the best Cadillac models ever made, proportionally speaking.

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