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Posted By: Chris Sweetman
Posted On: Thursday June 25, 2020 at 1:41 PM
Unfortunately, that buying decision depends on reviews and comments as ...
how many of us can nip down to the local model shop and actually look at what we are interested in purchasing?

Feelings can run high if the model we are eagerly expecting has a range of defects when it finally arrives after spending our hard earned cash to have it in our procession.

Some of these defects can result in imperfect construction especially with photo-etched parts - for some of these there are much better ways to provide detail, for example hot foil stamping for plated parts. Also instead of transfers/decals pad printing has a much more desirable finish that lasts. However, these techniques don’t appear to be available to smaller manufacturers. For others the colour doesn’t turn out right etc…

Agree reporting back needs the right vocabulary but if a model doesn’t hit the mark for some reason or other what exactly is the use of constructive criticism if it holds back on objectivity?


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