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Posted By: Robert Jacobs
Posted On: Wednesday July 22, 2020 at 7:39 PM
Good call, Graeme...
....seems to have affected only the left side, and probably isn't even noticeable, those pesky digital cameras and their magnification!

This is a gorgeous car/image where every crease and line and curve is spot on, though. The only nit is the absence of white piping around the seat perimeter. Next to the '40 Darrin Sedan, one can see the talents of both Darrin and the wisdom of Packard (Darrin designed the Clipper and the coupe is closer to his original sketches). How a company that had the good taste and the good sense to offer both yet lost it's way just a little while later is incomprehensible.

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Message thread:

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Good call, Graeme... by Robert Jacobs #28464.5.2

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