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Posted By: Thomas Dirnberger
Posted On: Thursday July 23, 2020 at 2:35 PM
New from GLM via Double D
$10 off for those who can correctly identify this new model from GLM.
Respond to dirn44@gmail.com. Should be available early August
No, it’s not this
We should have this 1968 Cadillac by end of July
Also not this
This 1958 Cadillac will also be available by months end.

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Message thread:

New from GLM via Double D by Thomas Dirnberger #28473
1958 Cadillac ..weit by Goldvarg.. (EOM) by renato camesasca #28473.1
On the '58, what are the dark things on top of the front fenders? by Harvey Goranson #28473.2
58Cadillac by Thomas Dirnberger #28473.2.1
I found these vents for sale (pic) on a replacement market on the web. With id removed, here by David Holcombe #28473.2.2.1
Harv, even the old Brooklin 27 had those vents atop the fenders. As for by Rick Thompson #28473.2.3
Thanks Tom and Rick - they just seem to be hugely prominent. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28473.2.3.1
Rick, the 58 Fleetwood 60 Special also had these vents, not by Bob Jackman #28473.2.3.2
Thanks, Bob. I never traveled in Eldorado Brougham or Fleetwood 60 Special by Rick Thompson #28473.
Rick, Believe me I didn't see these on a regular basis either. I had to go to the archives by Bob Jackman #28473.
That car has so much class it should be painted black (EOM) by John Munro #28473.2.4
(PICS) Like this... by Lloyd Mecca #28473.2.4.1
I know, but they are all sold out. (EOM) by Peter Hart #28473.
To further illustrate... by Jani Bodmann #28473.2.5
Isn't the GLM spinoff doing a version of this? (EOM) by Joe Libricz #28473.3

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